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Artist Statement 

Mati Russo is a emerging artist, currently living in the LA and born in NYC.
Her art is influenced by her own personal experiences while living in NYC and her experiences since moving across the country to LA.
She has been extremely affected and influenced by the world events of the past and present which is reflected, both directly and indirectly, throughout her art.
A unique juxtaposition of beauty and pain, her art illuminates the wall while at the same time evoking thoughts and feelings causing the viewer to reflect on their personal lives and the shifting currents of the world around them.

"My work is a reflection of my life as it is affected by events, both personal and global. I am an empath.
Sometimes it mirrors the joy that life has brought me, or it may be a shadow of the angst that sometimes clouds our everyday lives.
Whatever the inspiration, each work evolves in its own unique way, whether starting as a field of color, a grid of plaster or a shield of images and found objects.

There is no predetermined process. 

My heart is like an ocean, pouring into seas, jetting through rivers, relaxing softly into lakes, falling down into water falls splashing into streams as I am connected to all life. 

One Nation.jpg

One Nation

My art and is affected by the world around me and by me.

The emotion is motion, transferred through my heart to my brain which dictates to my body what the process must be.
The journey to completion is a metamorphosis, sometimes slow, sometimes quickly, until the final image of the thought or emotion I am endeavoring to communicate reveals itself to me."

 Mati Russo


Colorida Galeria de Arte Portugal  August 2019 (up coming)

Solo Artist Exhibition Latino Art Museum Pomona CA December 2018 (up coming)

Saatchi Art "The Other Art Fair" Los Angeles October 2018 (up coming)

Dulcepoolza Neutra Art Museum August 2018

Arroyo Arts Collective 2018

Gallery 104     NYC    2018 -present

Laguna Art     Laguna Beach CA 2018-present 
See-Me Times Square finalist 2018

Permanent Artist Latino Art Museum since 2017
Latino Art Museum Immigrant Group Show 2018
Permanent Artist Neutra Institute Art Museum 2017 to present
Neutra Institute Museum Los Angeles Festivel de Flores 2018
Latino Art Museum 14th Women International Show 2018
Mardi Gras in Pomona Latino Art Museum 2018
Magnetikzone International Art Project
Polo Museale A. Cordici, Erice Italy  2017

Neutra Institute Museum Los Angeles
Group Exhibition Dulcepallozo 2017

Sotheby’s Pasadena Solo Exhibition Permanent Installation of 18 works 2014-present
Neutra Art Museum Los Angeles Festival de Flores 2017
Neutra Institute Museum Los Angeles
Solo Exhibition "The Emancipation of Mati Russo"  2017

South Bay Contemporary at the Loft
Group Exhibition "Dear President" 2017

Feartured Artist of the Week
Kahlo Collective Art Blog 2017

Featured Artist Books and Mocha 2016

Featured Artist Art Copy 2016

Transmission Gallery Oakland CA
10 year retrospective of Abstract Art 2015

Featured Artist Art Copy 2015

Townley Gallery Laguna Beach CA
Resident Artist 2011-2015

Studio 26 New York New York 2014

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art Laguna Beach CA
Resident Artist 2011-2013

Berliner Liste Berlin Germany 2013

Studio 26 New York New York 2013

Saatchi Art (on line) 2014 to present
Featured Artist-works inspired by Jackson Pollock

Art World Documentary
Featured Artist 2014 Directed by Shane Townley 

Baja Art (on line art magazine)
Featured Artist 2013=2014

Saatchi Art (on line) 2014 to present 
Featured Artist-works inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat

New York (on line) 2013-present

Good News Planet
Featured artist interview 2012

Oceanside Theater Gallery Oceanside CA 2012

Newport Beach Art Fair Newport Beach CA 2012

Laguna (on line) 2011-present

Art Slant Galleries (on line) 2011-present

Public Access Television Central CA
Featured guest for two programs 2010

Nova Gallery Pasadena CA 2010


Heading 1

Bam (2).jpg resized.jpg


Aspiring Glory.jpg

Aspiring Glory

suicide 909.jpg

Suicide 909


They Flew Rigth By You

Tantric Flowers.jpg

Tantric Flowers



Board, acrylic, oil, mixid medium,

broken glass, laquer

48" x 38"

I Try to Forgive You 48_x48_ .jpg

I Try to Forgive You

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